Interwisemode is located in Seoul in the republic of Korea.
Interwisemode started as a branch office of a famous Japanese contact lens       distributor in Korea. This business is based on the strong financial status for Interwisemode.
  -  The sales of 2018: $5,000,000 (Game: $300,000)
  -  The sales of 2017: $4,500,000 (Game: $100,000) 

Interwisemode is very strong to publish mobile games including console/PC games in Korea with the knowledge that its publishing manager has gathered while he was working with Blizzard, Ubisoft, THQ, Taito and many mobile developers as a publisher, along with our experienced publishing team.  


Interwisemode is an independent game and publishing company in Korea with a innovative idea in mind: creating unique, and high quality games with New Paradigm.

Interwisemode  has been preparing for the future of mobile, PC, console games with excellent development and publishing capability, fluent service experience and global know-how.
Interwisemode will keep expressing high-quality games through the talented people to lead the market and constant development and research.


·    2018

Published 'Go Warriors' (Android)                                          
Developed and Released ‘Three Kingdoms 2’ (Android)

·    2017

Developed and Released 'Hidden Catch in Seoul' (Android)
Interwisemode and Blue Interactive Merged


  Interwisemode decided to expand its business to publish      
  mobile games with Blue Interactive in Korea. 
  Interwisemode absorbed the power and experiences about   
  publishing games from Blue Interactive. 

·    2015

Interwisemode and Blue Interactive developed and released
'Three Kingdoms 1' (Android)

·    2014

Interwisemode and Blue Interactive developed and released 'Wulim Area' (PC online)

·    2014

Founded and Started as a branch office                               
of a  famous Japanese contact lens distributor in Korea